The Get Surveyed survey engine allows you to create your own surveys, publish them, and collect the data.


  • Survey taker can save progress and resume later (automatic or manual)
  • Page navigation (previous / next)
  • Conditional “thank you” messages based on answers upon survey completion
  • URL Redirection upon survey completion
  • Send email invitations from administrator interface
  • Email response status dashboard, send email reminders
  • Set an opening / closing date
  • Receive email notification of completed survey as short note, full entry report or answers only
  • Clone existing surveys to create new surveys
  • Monthly statistics
  • Scored surveys to create quizzes and tests
  • Cross browser responsive display support


  • Cookie or IP address security to prevent double submissions
  • Or protect your survey with a common password
  • Provide a username / password for each respondent
  • Restrict survey entry via an email with invitation code
  • Survey security modes can be combined
  • Choose from tracked or anonymous survey modes

Survey Characteristics

  • Radio button, check box and dropdown list selection modes (XML answer “feeder” provided)
  • Text fields large and small, email fields and password answer types
  • Static text questions for instructions or headings
  • Matrix questions with single or multiple selections
  • “Other” input selections
  • Skip logic to hide a question based on survey taker’s answers
  • Conditional branching rules based on answers and survey can be ended using a branching rule
  • Questions can be set as “repeatable” to let survey takers duplicate them at will
  • Set questions default selections
  • Set minimum / maximum / mandatory values for answers
  • Value piping from session and answer piping from previous page answers or questions
  • Regular expression library for validation rules
  • Cross browser compatible client side or server side validation of entries
  • Set progress display mode (percentage, page number or none)
  • Surveys import / export as XML
  • Questions import / export as XML